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Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line, With 2 kids seats

Arrow Family Cargo Line is Your Ultimate Companion

Melbourne, the vibrant cultural capital of Australia, is renowned for its bustling streets, eclectic neighborhoods, and an abundance of family-friendly activities. For those looking to explore this beautiful city with a touch of urban adventure, there’s no better partner than the Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, here’s why the Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line is your best choice for navigating Melbourne.

1. Sustainable City Exploration

Melbourne takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. The Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line aligns perfectly with this ethos. This electric cargo bike is not only a clean mode of transportation but also an excellent way to explore the city without relying on fossil fuels. It’s a great choice for families who want to reduce their carbon footprint while navigating Melbourne’s diverse neighborhoods and attractions.

2. Perfect for Family Adventures

Melbourne offers a plethora of family-friendly destinations, from parks and gardens to museums and cultural centers. The spacious cargo box of the Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line can comfortably seat two children, with safety harnesses to keep them secure during your explorations. Say goodbye to the hassle of parking and enjoy quality family time while visiting iconic spots like the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Zoo, and Scienceworks.

3. Navigating Melbourne’s Cycle-Friendly Infrastructure

Melbourne boasts an extensive network of bike lanes and dedicated cycling paths. The Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line effortlessly glides through these routes, making it a convenient and efficient way to explore the city. Whether you’re pedaling along the Yarra River or meandering through the leafy streets of Brunswick or Fitzroy, the bike’s nimble handling ensures a smooth journey.

4. Grocery Shopping Made Easy

Melbourne’s bustling markets and artisanal stores are a treasure trove of fresh produce and unique finds. The cargo box of the Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line is not only great for your kids but also perfect for grocery shopping. Load up on fresh, local produce at the Queen Victoria Market or explore the Prahran Market for gourmet treats. The spacious cargo box can comfortably store your shopping bags, and the electric assist makes carrying heavy loads a breeze.

5. Stay Active and Healthy

Melbourne is known for its active lifestyle and an abundance of fitness and wellness options. With the Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line, you can easily incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Enjoy the picturesque scenery while cycling around Albert Park Lake or cruising down the scenic Beach Road.

6. Embrace Melbourne’s Café Culture

Melbourne’s café culture is world-famous, and exploring it is a breeze with the Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line. Stop by one of the city’s renowned coffee shops, such as Proud Mary or Seven Seeds, and enjoy a latte or flat white. The cargo bike’s large box can hold your precious cargo, including your coffee, as you soak up the Melbourne café scene.

7. Avoid Traffic and Parking Hassles

Melbourne’s traffic can be challenging at times, and parking is often scarce and expensive. The Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line provides a hassle-free alternative. Say goodbye to the stress of finding a parking spot or getting stuck in traffic. The bike allows you to navigate Melbourne’s laneways and shortcuts, making your journey efficient and enjoyable.

In summary, the Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line is your ideal companion for exploring Melbourne. It offers a sustainable, family-friendly, and efficient way to experience the city’s unique attractions and vibrant culture. With this cargo bike, you’ll unlock the city’s hidden gems and create lasting memories while reducing your environmental footprint. So, hop on, pedal away, and savor the urban adventure that Melbourne has to offer.

  • Battery Capacity: 500 Wh (watt-hours) – This indicates the energy capacity of the battery, which can affect the range and performance of the electric motor.

    Minimum Range: 50 km (kilometers) – This is the estimated minimum distance the bike can travel on a single charge under typical conditions.

    Maximum Range: 80 km (kilometers) – This is the estimated maximum distance the bike can travel on a single charge under optimal conditions.

    Number of Gears: Infinite – The bike has a continuously variable transmission (CVT), providing a seamless and smooth gear range, making it well-suited for various riding conditions.

    Ride Type: Family Cargo & School Run – The bike is designed for family use and school transportation, emphasizing its cargo-carrying capacity and suitability for everyday family activities.

    Motor Brand: Bosch Cargo Line (85Nm) – The electric motor is from Bosch’s Cargo Line series and offers 85 Newton-meters of torque, providing strong pedal assistance for easier riding.

    Max Assisted Speed: 25 kmph (kilometers per hour) – The electric assistance is limited to a maximum speed of 25 kmph, which complies with e-bike regulations in many regions.

    Max Rider Weight: 125 kg (kilograms) – This is the maximum recommended weight for the rider, ensuring the bike’s structural integrity and performance.

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