Whether you're cruising around the city, hitting the bay trail or off to the You Yangs, we've got the ride for you.

City Cruiser Rental

Lekker Jordaan

Go Dutch style with these comfy city bikes.

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The name says it all; these babies are best for cruisin’ the city! Our Dutch-style Lekker city cruisers are perfect for checking out the city. High handlebars mean you sit quite upright, meaning you won’t miss any sights along the way.

As Melbourne is a relatively flat city, we’d recommend these cruisers for most city rides – especially those heading down to St Kilda and the bayside.

We have large and small city cruisers that can cater to pretty much all heights. The bikes come in 3-speed or 7-speed models (but have the same gear range).

As for the saddle, the wide padded seat makes the cruiser by far the more comfy of rides, especially if you haven’t ridden a bike in a while. 

E-Bike Rental

noroc Scene VLT

Have a blast on these battery powered beasts!

If you need a little power boost to help you get around, The Norco Scene VLT electric bike is the modern e-bike built for your casual life and getting where you need to go without raising a sweat. The Scene VLT is designed to make your life easier and more fun with a chilled ride that is ideal for you commute of having fun with friends.

 The relaxed step-through aluminium frame with internally routed cables is tough yet lightweight for that great riding experience. While the beauty of the Scene VLT is the integrated Shimano STEPS E6100 motor and E8010 battery which offers the range (50-70km) and power to tackle hills and deliver you on time to your destination, while the integrated design creates a lower centre of gravity for better control and a fun ride.

Electric All Terrain Bike


Have a blast on these battery powered beasts!

While the high capacity 504Wh battery ensures you have an average off-road range between 70 and 100km (expect up to 150 on roads!) making the eSpresso CC perfect for weekend adventure dates or your daily commute! 

Our e-bikes rentals have a range of around 50-70km, so one fully charged battery should be more than enough for a day out exploring the city, the Yarra River and bay beaches.

With five levels of assistance, you can choose the speed you want to go. At level 5, the maximum speed is around 27km per hour. Keep in mind, sitting at a higher speed will drain the battery faster. 

Mountain E-Bike Rental

Merida eBig Nine 300 SE

Have a blast on these battery powered beasts!

The Merida eBig Nine 300 SE E-Mountain Bike is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces and is built to go with high-quality Shimano STePS e-bike components. It probably isn’t at its best on the most technical trails but is still more than capable of heading on fun off-road adventures.

Our e-bikes rentals have a range of around 50-70km, so one fully charged battery should be more than enough for a day out exploring the city, the Yarra River and bay beaches.

With five levels of assistance, you can choose the speed you want to go. At level 5, the maximum speed is around 27km per hour. Keep in mind, sitting at a higher speed will drain the battery faster. 

Mountain Bike Rental

Merida Big 7/9 60x2

More gears to tame the hills or city trails.

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Capital City Trail, Yarra trail and of course MTB parks outside the city. Also, if you’re more comfortable riding a bike with flat handlebars, this is going to be the best choice for you (no matter where you plan to ride).

The lightweight Big 7/9 Alloy frame comes with internally routed cables. It runs a 2×9 speed Shimano Drivetrain for  those hard climbs as it rolls with smooth efficiency and clean gear changes. The RockShox Judy TK Fork with lockout and 100mm travel is in the sweet spot for fun and adventure.

It runs 27.5″ Merida CC Wheels on the extra small and small and 29″ Merida CC Wheels for the medium, large and extra large with 2.2″ Tyres. Ride with confidence, hitting every descent or turn hard thanks to the reliable Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes with MT-200 Brake Calipers which give you excellent braking control.

dual suspension mountain bike

Merida One Twenty 600

More gears to tame the hills or city trails.

The Merida One-Twenty 600 is a dual suspension mountain bike equipped to eat trails for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a triple-butted alloy frame, riders are offered the optimum blend of lightweight performance and durability. While Merida has utilised their proven Float Link suspension design to offer a stable and easily controllable platform that makes use of every millimetre of travel when it’s required on demanding trails. 

Speaking of travel, the One-Twenty 600 offers 130mm of travel up front through the legendary Marzocchi Z2 Bomber matched with 120mm of articulated rear wheel travel thanks to the everpresent RockShox Deluxe Select+ Shock.


Multi-day/weekly rates available

Road Bike Rental

norco indie Drop

Going a bit further? This is your ride.

Longer rides are most suited to the road bike. We recommend taking this one down to the Bay Trail towards Brighton, Half-Moon Bay and beyond (even the Great Ocean Road if you have the cojones!)

If you’re used to drop-down handlebars and are keen for a more serious ride to get the heart rate going, this is your best choice. Or if you’re REALLY serious, you could check out our Carbon Road Bike below.

Fast and lightweight, the All-purpose aluminium drop bar bike built to take on city streets, country roads, and epic adventures.
The Indie Drop can wear many hats with its confident handling, wide array of accessory mounts, and slick, durable build.
A great choice as a commuter or weekend adventure vehicle


Multi-day/weekly rates available

Carbon ROAD Bike Rental

Giant TCR advanced disc

La Crème de la crème of our rental bikes.

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When you’re looking for something a little more high-end; when speed and a smooth ride are the absolute priority. These Giant TCR Advanced road bikes are top of the line when it comes to our rental bikes. Perfect for an early morning ride down Beach Rd.

Shares the Advanced Pro frame with a Shimano 105 mechanical groupset. Stopping power comes courtesy of Giant’s own Conduct semi-hydraulic 140mm hydraulic discs brake system and rolling stock is Giant’s aluminium rimmed PR-2 disc wheelset with tubeless Giant Gavia Race 1 25c tyres.

Kids Bike Rental

Merida matts j20/24

Our bike paths are perfect for the lil ones too!

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Get the whole family on two wheels with Blue Tongue’s kids bikes. We have both 20 and 24 inch bikes. For kids from 5 to 13.

The lightweight alloy frame is much easier to handle and control than a steel frame which kids bikes usually use. While the durable suspension fork and alloy rims are built to handle the bumps kids may encounter so that this bike can last through a few challenges. Combine that with the reliability of V-brakes and you have a fun and durable bike for your kids to ride and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Tandem Bike Rental

Grand Tourer 29er Tandem

Have a laugh on our ultimate 'couples bike'.

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Perfect for a novelty ride along the Yarra or down to the Bay, our Tandem Bike will ensure some laughs are had along the way.

TANDEM BIKE – Grand Tourer 29er Tandem 48-55cm, With Carrier Mounts, WHITE, Shimano 27 speed, Shimano disc, Suntour forks, Alex rims, Shimano hubs, 

Touring Bikes

Bombtrack beyond

The long ride option - get out of Melbourne and explore.

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Multi-day hires. Explore Victoria for days on our new touring bikes! Popular rides include the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne to Phillip Island or many of the rail trails around the state. Weekly rental is only $200 including saddle and handlebar bags, phone holder, lights and fully-stocked repair kit with tubes, puncture repair, pump and multi-tool.

The most accessibly-priced adventure-touring bike we produce, the Beyond 1 serves as the perfect first bike for fledgling adventurists. With tyres as wide as a mountain bike accompanied by a 28 / 40T chainset, this bike will be able to reach wherever you’ve plotted on the map. Tyres can be switched out for 700×32 for onraod  ridding.  Leverage-boosting bars provide added control, and an eye-watering selection of mounting points mean you won’t need to leave anything at home. Its simplicity makes it easy to service, too.

Cycle Cross Bike rental

Bombtrack Tension

Built to race on courses that often traverse muddy fields, grass or road. This bike will take you everywhere.

They make great commuters with a comfortable, relatively upright riding position and wheels and tyres designed to take a beating. With a set of mudguards a ’cross bike is just about the perfect ride to get you from point A to point B and back.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame with heavily hydro formed tube profiles and T47 bottom bracket.
  • Size XS and S will come with 650B wheels to ensure proper fit without any compromises in geometry.
  • Full carbon fork with through axles and flat mount disc brake.